3 Improvements To Raise Your Home Value


As a smart homeowner, you probably see your home as more than just a living space. You might consider your home to be the best way to increase your wealth through equity, and it’s a great plan. Most homeowners actively seek profitable opportunities to sell out their homes and move to another location. However, relying merely on property revaluation over time is not the best approach. That is why we have shared 3 home improvement tips that will raise your house’s value. So, keep reading to find out what changes your can make to sell your house at a higher price. 



Top 3 Tips To Increase Your Home Value

Home improvement is the best way to increase your houses’ value because it will enhance your living space’s aesthetics and improve its monetary value. Many homeowners are inclined towards remodeling and renovation, but they don’t know which initial investment will be profitable. Here are 3 simple home improvements to increase your houses’ value greatly. 


1. Upgrade Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Brad Hunter, Chief Economist at Home Advisor, says that millennials are twice as likely to invest in kitchen remodeling. The kitchen will give you the most significant return on investment because it’s the first place homebuyers check when they are interested in a property./ Moreover, kitchen renovation isn’t as expensive as other places. By replacing Formica countertops with granite or quartz will significantly improve your home value, and it’s cost-effective as well. 


2. Prioritize Landscaping


Cassy Aoyagi, president of Form LA Landscaping, advises that prioritizing curb appeal can significantly enhance your house’s value. Plants aren’t as expensive as wooden floors or Italian marble; therefore, most people invest in improving their homes’ outer area. Aside from being a low-cost way to improve your house’s value, landscaping benefits in several other ways.

·        Native trees can reduce energy costs by 50%.
·        Planting shrubs will keep your house cool in the summer and warm in winter.
·        Planting perennial foliage is more cost-effective and beautiful than planting an expensive flower. 


3. Modify The Floor Plan


If you have bought a home that’s closed off at some corners, you might want to tear down a few walls to make it more spacious. Most people prefer spacious houses, and if you take down walls that make unnecessary segregations in your home, your house value will improve significantly. Sometimes, architects make faults and add walls where they belong; these walls can also be removed to make your home more spacious. 


The Bottom Line


Most people renovate their houses without a plan for the future. They might add more walls to create more rooms, but this will only bringdown their houses’ value because they won’t be as spacious as before. Moreover, remodeling your home for the sake of appreciating its value is a great idea, but you should avoid remodeling before selling. The best time to remodel your house is two years before selling it. 

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