5 FREE Activities To Take Your Children To

Everyone wants to spend quality time with their children. Sometimes the pressure of having limited funds can put a damper on your spirits. That doesn’t mean spending time with them should be hard. Instead, it requires more effort and creativity. Sometimes that can make all the more difference in your relationship with them. We’ve created a list of engaging free activities that would allow children to enjoy, spend quality time with you, and create a memorable bonding experience.   

Visit the beach

More than eating sand, children like getting dirty on the beach as they build sandcastles. Stopping them would be criminal. Visit a beach if there is one near you. Take a day out where you know you’ll be free of all commitments and genuinely play with your children at the beach.
Pack a basket of home cooked lunch and bring their favorite toys along. A tip would be to discuss the trip with them a few days prior, so the excitement builds up.

Visit a library

Most local libraries offer a ‘story time’ where a librarian or a volunteer will read a story aloud to any children that happen to be present at the library. They have a designated time for this. This is a great way to instill a love for books in children. Take a trip to the library, borrow a few books for yourself perhaps and let your children be mesmerized with shelves upon shelves of books in front of them. 

Have movie marathons

 This is one of our personal favorite free activities for children. Invite a few friends and families to your house or get your children to invite their friends to a movie marathon you arrange. Allow the children to choose their favorite movies. Get some simple snacks ready or have a one-dish get together with the families. Be present in this but not overbearing to your children during this. 

Visit an interactive museum

Interactive museums are up and coming art museums that let their guests engage with the items and activities. This is a hands-on experience that children are likely to enjoy immensely and ask you questions about it later on. Usually, museums have a minimal entry fee, find one near your area. Take this opportunity to expose your children to new cultural experiences and learn along the way.  

Do some volunteer work

It is always a good habit to instill empathy and kindness in your children through practice. This might be an unconventional way to have fun with your kids for free, but it is perhaps equally rewarding for you and your child.   Find a charity or a community project looking for volunteers. See if they allow children to help and spend the afternoon running simple errands for people in need. This interaction with others will also enhance your children’s interpersonal abilities and keep them excited and busy throughout.  

Final thoughts?

Spending time with your children entails putting in active effort to make sure they are aware of your presence. Make them feel special with the efforts you put in. This doesn’t require substantial money. Rather, most of the activates listed above are free activities that children would enjoy. 

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