5 Ways To Keep Your Toddler Occupied


Only the parents who have a toddler can understand that making them sit still can seem like an impossible task! You always have your hands full because of the various other things you have to do for them, and having the additional responsibility of keeping them entertained doesn’t necessarily help!
Keeping them glued to the screen of an iPad or a computer can seem like an attractive decision, but it’s not healthy for your child.
So if you’re trying to look for ways to catch your breath or get them away from the screen, you’ve clicked on the right article!
This list of the ways of keeping your toddler occupied might take a bit more energy, but we can assure you that once it’s all set and done, you’ll be glad you listened to our advice! 



1. Use Contact Paper Craft

Contact paper craft can be super useful with toddlers. Peel off its backside and tape it to another table with the sticky side up. Once you’ve done this, your toddler will have a fun sticky surface to play on. To make them enjoy your new creation to the fullest, give them construction paper squares and show them how they can stick to the surface.
Once they start to see the fun in the game, they’ll spend hours upon hours playing this game! 


2. Put Pom Poms In Holes


Pom poms are unique! Once your child is past the stage when they want to put everything in their mouth (usually after 15 months), they can be easy to manipulate. Pom poms are quiet, soft, and colorful! Poke holes into the lid of a container and give your toddler the pom poms. Put one pom pom through the hole so they can understand the point of the activity. 


3. Put Stuffed Animals Into A Hamper


One of the most effective ways of keeping your toddler occupied is by introducing them to stuffed animals. This is also our nod to easy and simple ideas! To make this work, empty a hamper and put stuffed animals in it. When you’re done doing this, put it into the center of a room, and dump the toys out in front of your little one. Once they get the hang of this, you’ll have a lot more time for yourself! 


4. Peeling Tape Off Of A Table


This one is self-explanatory. Stick some masking tape onto a table in long strips, and then pull it off the table in front of your little one. This activity is simple to implement, and it can keep your toddler busy for hours upon hours. But to be safe, try this on a small section of the table first to ensure your table won’t be damaged. 


5. Treasure Hunt


Hide something invaluable in your house, and leave different clues around the house. If you make this difficult, you can build up your child’s ability to think outside of the box, and they’ll also be a lot more resilient.
These ways of keeping your toddler occupied not only require minimum effort but are also tech-free! So get crafting and enjoy your free time later on!

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