Cheap Winter Activities To Entertain Your Children


When it’s cold and snowy outside, you know winter has arrived. The short days and long nights are exciting for children as they can spend more time with their family. However, keeping your children busy during winter vacations and weekends can be costly. In this blog post, we will share cheap winter activities with children that are fun and exciting for the entire family. 


1. Watch Family Movies

Nothing is more fun and engaging than watching a family movie with your kids. If your children are looking to spend time indoors with you, you can turn on Netflix, Amazon, or other online video streaming sites to watch movies all night. Subscription for online movie streaming sites is relatively cheap, and you don’t have to step out in the cold. 


2. Decorate Your Lawn

While most children love to stay tucked in bed during the winter season, some extrovert kids enjoy cold weather. The best cheap winter activity with children you can enjoy is making frozen colorful snow globes. Allyou have to do is fill a balloon with water and add a few drops of your favorite color. Let the water inside the balloon freeze, and then pop the balloon to decorate your lawn. Since winter brings freezing temperatures, you rice ball won’t melt so easily.    





3. Icy Sun Catchers

Frozen sun catchers are not only beautiful but easy to make as well. Just add some water to a plastic plate and use natural items like trees, branches, and twigs to decorate your suncatcher. Allow the water to freeze overnight and then gently remove the mold, and you have a spectacular sun catcher that will look beautiful outside the house. 



4. Colorful Snow

Get creative with your lawn, which is covered in snow. If you want to give your house a rainbow look, add a few drops of color on the snow and let it spread. Generously cover the entire area and leave it overnight. When you wake up tomorrow, you’ll have colorful spots of snow instead of boring white ice on your grass. 



5. Blow Freezing Bubbles

If it’s very cold outside and your kids want to have fun, you don’t have to take them to an expensive amusement park. Simply fill a bottle with soap water and go outside to blow bubbles. As your children blow air through the bubble maker, it will freeze immediately. It’s a fun activity and a science lesson for children which will keep them occupied and happy. 


Wrapping It Up

Finding cheap activities in winter is not easy. Since the roads and your car are frozen, going outside can be a hassle. Moreover, playing in the sun can be healthy for your children because sunlight provides Vitamin D. Indulging in outdoor activities with children during winter will also keep them active as cold weather has a drowsy effect on most people. This will also make your children immune to cold weather, and they won’t easily be affected by influenza. 

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