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House Hunting Sites To Score You The Lowest Price

Planning a major move is already stressful and the times we are in right now have made it even more difficult. Open houses aren’t the safest options, and if you’re also looking to save up, it becomes even more important to make informed decisions about the house you want to buy. Buying or selling homes is quite complicated on its own; you have to fill out mortgage forms, understand how to look up professional realtors, and flag those who aren’t scamming you or taking more money from you.  However, lucky for us there are house hunting sites that have become quite popular recently. A lot of influencers have taken to the internet to document their move and have raved about these sites. Below are some that will help you score the lowest price on a house or any place you’re looking to move into.

Zillow makes choosing a home, selling one, or scouting for properties to rent a seamless process. It is one of the leading realtor sites that has been able to bring to customers reliable data of over 100 million listings. You can also check your own property’s value and scout the market for a better deal. Their data is not only accurate but quite detailed. The option for a detailed search gives you places for rent and sale and along with them come the dimensions in square meters of the bed and bathrooms. This site helps you save money and time as it gives an ‘agent finder’ feature where you can browse and find agents that fit your price and are nearest to your home. Most importantly their agent profile has all the necessary details, as well as, ratings and reviews that help you decide whether you want to work with them. is popular for being the only site that updates 90% of its listings every 15 minutes all across the country. It is the official website of the National Association of Realtors, thus quite credible when it comes to looking for sites you can list or buy a house. What is unique about is that it has market summaries that give you a good outlook on the neighborhood around the area you are looking to move and provides recent, up-to-date information about all the listings. It has a calculator feature that helps you calculate your mortgage, what kind of homes you can afford and advice through quantitative reasonings i.e., a calculator that helps you make the decision of buying vs renting. It also has a blog page that has advice articles/blogs acting as a guide for new buyers. This helps you save time and money of having to hire people to do this for you.


The site is owned by the Zillow Group and is one of the most visited house hunting sites. It offers a large database of all kinds of real estate properties. One reason why it has so much traffic is due to its visual map that gives you a realistic view of the property you're interested in.
It gives you the data of the schools, crime rate, or businesses near your prospective area. Their blog, too, is quite informative for newcomers, giving guides, tips, and keeping you up to date with real estate news.
They also have a ‘find an agent’ feature which you can use to find an agent that is specifically good for you, that too all on the app.  

The Takeaway

Looking to move might seem like a daunting task. However, by being patient and using the websites listed above, you will be sure to familiarize yourself with the real estate prices and be able to find a great deal for your next real estate purchase.