By: E-parents Online

3 Cheapest places To Vacation

Vacation is not a luxury in which only the rich can afford. You too can travel if you know how and where to spend your money. The airfare prices are expected to increase by 1.5%, and hotels will soar their rates by 4% this year. But this does not mean that you shouldn’t travel. There are many affordable places you can go to, and all you need is our guide to cheap travel destinations.

Although these vacation spots won’t be like the Bahamas, they may seem even better for the amount you are paying. So here is a list of 3 cheapest places to vacation this for 2020. 


Situated in the heart of Asia, Laos is a beautiful island that has endless forest and Limestone Mountains to offer. You can enjoy the serene sounds of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Laos is, unfortunately, a landlocked country, so you won’t find any beaches. However, the scrumptious food, wildlife, and hospitality of the people are sure to bring anyone back for a second trip.

Meals: $3-$8 per day

Transportation: $5-$15 or motorbike per day.

Communication: Sim card with data 1.5GB for $6 30 days.

Accommodation: $5-$10 per night  


If you are blown away by monuments and stone structures, you will be impressed by this monks city. You can comfortably spend more than a week in Cambodia for $1200 if you have good haggling skills and a tight pocket. Although the city has a very low crime rate, you can find yourself being overcharged by TukTuk drivers for transportation. 

Meals: $3-$8 per day

Transportation: $8-$13/day depending on the condition of the motor bike.

Communication: Sim card with data 1.5GB for $2 - 30 days.

Accommodation: $3-$10 / day 

The Baltic States

The most underrated travel destination in Europe is the Baltic States that has more to offer than the eye meets. These 3 states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are decorated with festivals and beautiful landscapes. Estonia is also known as the hub for digital Nomads, and traveling here is not expensive. Those who say it is, have only spent their time in the tourist inflated areas. The remaining half of Estonia can offer dinner within 7euro.

Meals: $3 - $8 per day

Transportation: $9 - $13 per day

Communication: Sim card with data 5GB for $9 - 30 days. 

Accommodation: $8-$15per day