4 Parenting Tips on During the Quarantine

As you know, quarantine has created numerous additional obstacles to the already challenging job of being a parent. Schools have been shut down, and firms have authorized remote working to their employees, which has led to an astounding transition in our daily lives.

This change can mainly be harder for the younger minds who have to stay cooped up the entire day, instead of playing with their friends and sharing snacks in school during recess. Most parents are trying hard to sustain a work-life balance and ensure that their little ones are not glued to the gadgets.

Therefore, we have created four useful tips to help keep you calm and maintain balance during this difficult time.

Tip 1: Provide and Maintain a Routine

During such an unprecedented time, it is important to try your best to provide a routine for your children as they look for productive habits and routines. Develop a schedule that helps them to enjoy this time and create fun memories. For example, if your child loves art, encourage them to paint or draw. Join in to make the process memorable for the whole family!

Tip 2: Tailor Screen Time

Flexibility is vital during such circumstances; therefore, a little extra screen time won’t hurt the little ones. Do not feel guilty or embarrassed about relaxing the rules; after all, you are in this as well. Nevertheless, this does not mean unlimited screen time. As a responsible parent, you must create a balance between the digital and non-digital world, not just for the children but also for yourself. Establishing this behavior now will help your children to easily transition back to the old routine once this pandemic is over.

Tip 3: Paint a Calm Picture

It is integral to stay calm and do your best to keep anxiety levels in check during this stressful time. Children tend to imitate the behaviors of those around them. Therefore, ensure that you create a calm environment for your loved ones to help comfort them.

Tip 4: Knowledge is Power

Although you might fear that speaking to your children about the pandemic will intensify their worries, in reality, discussing difficult topics can bring a sense of calmness. Sharing age-appropriate information will allow your kids to put the situation into perspective. Keep updating your children with information they need to know – remember: knowledge is power.

Need More Help?

If you ever feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the ongoing situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help. Keep in mind that you are not alone in this: we are here to help!