What to expect when you have an empty nest? 

The feeling of overwhelming gloom when your babies leave for college is nothing compared to when they are ready to get married and leave the nest. Parenting currently is probably the most overwhelming and most difficult. Here are some helpful tips to bear with it and stay calm. Make sure to take deep breaths before reading especially if you are a mother hen or papa bear always protecting their kids.

You may feel the need to see them every day and call and text, which is okay, but it is always healthy to find ways to give them more space and time to breathe. Setting a weekly Friday and weekend visit could be a great way to have them in your life. Make sure to limit phone calling to when they call you first.
PS: If you are thinking of making them a spare room in your basement in your house to be more economical, from experience you may drive them away and be prepared for a wee bit more clutter and crazy in the house. 
Try not to dislike their spouse too much; we all know you got your shotgun ready just in case
When they are in a tough time in their marriage, remember yourself in your marriage and show them support but let them make their own choices about the relationship, or you may regret the wedge you just created between you guys.
Supporting them financially but not too much
Give them necessities but make sure they can fend for themselves and live independently. Okay, to spoil grandchildren all you want, though.
Dealing with their crazy mother-in-law and father-in-law
Smile and wave, bring the liquor as needed, don’t talk politics, or drama about why they prevent your son or daughter from having grandchildren because they are cheap and didn’t offer to help pay for the wedding.