Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is all about spooky decorations, but some can come at an expensive price unless you’re a savvy décor wizard or witch by making magic with very little resources. There are a couple of deals on Halloween décor along with some easy Do-It-Yourself projects for some family fun. 

A fun project for nearly all ages in the family can enjoy creating DIY lighted ghost paper bags that you can line up on your driveway or to your front door for trick-or-treaters. All you need is white paper sacks(like lunch bags), black markers or colored pencils, some heavy rocks, and a couple of sets of electric tea lights.

Start by drawing ghost faces on each white paper sack with a variety of spooky and silly faces, if you have kids who love to color, they will enjoy this project. Once you have the ghost sacks finished, you can set them up individually as you like on your front lawn by placing the open bag down then fill with a couple of heavy rocks (to prevent them from blowing away)and place a single electric tea candle. 

Repeat this process for each ghost sack in a line formation on each side of your driveway or walkway to your front door to guide trick-or-treaters. Don’t turn the tea lights on until the sun goes down, so they last longer on battery power throughout the night.

If you plan on greeting trick-or-treaters or not, you can set up a cute table that looks like a ghost that is super easy to make. All you need is black felt, white plastic or cotton tablecloth (or a piece of fabric),scissors, and some glue. 

With the scissors, cut two big ovals (ghost eyes) and one small oval (ghost mouth). Drape the white tablecloth over the desired table or stool chair and line up the pieces of black felt to form the ghost face. Once you have the pieces aligned, glue the black felt pieces into place and voila, you have a spooky candy holder.
A simple decoration for any home can be made using colored bulbs for your outdoor lighting on your porch and/or driveway. You can buy specific-colored bulbs but if you can get color-changing smart bulbs, you can use them for other holiday decorations. You can keep the bulbs in place year-round but it’s recommended to only use them for the holidays so you can use them longer.

Inflated Halloween decorations are growing in popularity as an easy way to decorate for the holidays but can be expensive buying them brand new. However, you can buy used ones online on eBay for a discounted prices but sometimes the shipping can cost a pretty penny so you should consider looking for one in your local area on Facebook Marketplace or on the OfferUp app.