Free Online Interactive Games For Kids

Getting your child to learn outside of the classroom can be challenging but if you make learning fun, your kids can enjoy interactive activities instead of mindless video games. We recommend some of the best online interactive courses that kids will enjoy while they learn. 

Sheppard Software

This website features hundreds of free, online educational games for kids while they learn through interaction. Kids can access hundreds of free quizzes, educational games, activities, articles, and more with a massive catalog of subjects to learn from. 

PBS Kids

The Public Broadcasting Service is one of the longest-running institutions of educational entertainment programming including the PBS Kids website with fun resources for parents and kids. PBS Kids is one of the most reputable and safe resources for kids to enjoy with entertaining programs that are all kid-friendly (unlike YouTube) and they also have a ton of interactive learning games.

Keeping kids safe online can be difficult but the PBS Kids website and app only feature their kid-friendly programming with affiliated educational games. PBS Kids also offers some fun activities for the whole family to enjoy that are simple for a fun Saturday or Sunday. 

National Geographic Kids

  • The world-famous international publication isn’t just for adults, they feature the National Geographic Kids webpage with many interactive games covering a variety of topics and subjects. Along with the fun games, kids get the chance to learn more through the fun videos that are all family-friendly.

Fun Brain

  • This website is unique as they offer different videos and games categorized by grade level so kids of all ages can have fun while learning. Fun Brain also features fun DIY activities for a fun family day along with recommended ages that are suitable for certain projects. 


The description is all in the name of being a combination between arcade and academics through a series of fun educational interactive games. This website also has sections for grade levels from first to sixth grade with categories for shapes, counting, money, time, language arts, spelling, geography, and more. This is a great website for interactive math games covering subjects including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, integers, decimals, fractions, ratios, algebra, and more.