How Owning A Pet Can Affect Your Family’s Relationship

There are numerous benefits to owning a pet, as they teach children valuable life lessons such as compassion, patience, respect, trust, and responsibility. Pets add value to your life and can have a positive impact on your family’s relationship. Research has found that one of the best things any young family can do is to adopt a pet. Whether you have a bird, a cat, or a dog, pet ownership allows you to set off on a great adventure. 

Your furry friend will keep you company through the stress and isolation of the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s one of the main reasons why pet fostering and adoption have skyrocketed in the last year. People who are adopting a pet believe they will be changing that animal’s life forever; however, pets can have a bigger impact on their owner’s lives.
If you’re still not convinced that you should adopt a pet, here are some of the best reasons that show how owning a pet can affect your family’s relationship. 

Pets Help Improve Your Mood

  • Studies have found that owning a pet reduces your stress significantly. When you spend time with your pet, it triggers an increase in oxytocin levels, which is also called the “love hormone.” It’s responsible for that feeling of increased bonding and closeness with your pet and has a positive impact on your mood. 

Pets Can Improve Your Social Life

  • Your pet can become the ideal conversation starter the next time you’re on a Zoom call. They can help you make friends easily, especially when you go out with them for a walk. Dogs are curious about the environment and other people, and you will often find strangers approaching you to pet the dog. 

Pets Can Help You Find True Love

Pets are known to love you unconditionally and have helped numerous people find love in their lives. Studies have found that 55% of pet owners surveyed claimed that their pets helped them start a conversation with someone they liked. Apart from that, 65% claimed that they would date someone who has a pet, and 35% would date someone who had pictures of their pet in their profile. 

Pets Can Make You a Better Person

  • Numerous studies have found that owning a pet can turn you into a better person. According to one study, 95% of pet owners claimed that they were better people after adopting a pet. They were more patient and affectionate in their lives, which helped improve their family’s relationship.