The Cheapest States To Live In And Why You Should Move There

Within the world we inhabit right now, other than essential workers, most of a company’s task force has started working from home. In the larger scheme of things, people have started noticing their quality of life as the focus from the workplace has shifted.  You’re bound to start wondering if you did not have to live in this city at all, with expensive living costs, where would you end up that will make your dollar stretch. Below we have listed a few of the cheapest states to live in the US that you should check out before your big move.  


Annual Housing: $55,683

Living Wage: $10.89

Mississippi is as inexpensive as it gets when it comes to the cheapest places to live in the US. Its cost of living is 15% lower than the United States average. Mississippi boasts excellent employment opportunities and the cost of food and other groceries, as well as childcare, is one of the lowest in the country. It has around 50+ colleges and universities with a healthy young population residing in the state and thus a strong sense of community. The state is clean, fresh air and less traffic to ruin your mood in the mornings or coming back from work or school. 


 Annual Housing: $60,896

Living Wage: $10.67

Arkansas is a great place to move and save your money. The housing costs rent or buying, utilities and groceries are very affordable, but more so, it is the exceptionally low transport cost that makes it stand out. The state is beautiful, progressive and participates in a lot of recreational activities.  

You’re likely to have better food quality here as well as cheaper fresh vegetables and fruits to keep you eating clean. If you’re in awe of natural beauty and impressive mountain ranges, this is the state for you. 


Annual Housing: $60,305

Living Wage: $10.97

Tennessee is one of the bigger states on this list but known for its meagre cost of food, utilities, health care, most-affordable housing and transportation. If you’re someone who still wants the feel of a big city, this should be your go-to place with high job opportunities and 75 colleges.

Its overall cost of living is about 11% lower than the national average. The statewide housing cost is slightly higher than the rest but don’t let that worry you, because Tennessee is known for affordable housing and hospitable communities.  

South Dakota

Annual Housing: $61,410

Living Wage: $10.60

South Dakota is less well-known for being one of the cheapest states with the most affordable housing and high employment rates. It is 5th least populated state in the country. The houses are far apart, small shops are all the rage and it has a very strong feeling of a small town.  

If you’re someone who wants to move to a relatively quieter space with rich culture and native history, it would be recommended by us to visit the state once before making a decision otherwise. The weather can be extreme, but it is cozy with friendly people all around you. It is known to have the lowest taxes in the country. You save up on that too apart from cheap housing and utilities.  

What’s The Decision

Each place you visit, you will have to keep in check your personality with the state. How well you adapt to a specific temperature, what are your deal breakers and if you can find the kind of employment opportunities that are relevant to your field.