The Cheapest Ways For Your Family To Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is here, and while it is a great time for families to enjoy summer activities, it is also a period of immense heat. Turning the air conditioner on can help you cool off, but it is not an energy-efficient or cheap way to beat the heat.
Hence, we have come up with the cheapest ways for your family to stay cool this summer. So, you can beat the heat while remaining frugal. 

The Cheapest Ways For You to Stay Cool This Summer

Here are the cheapest ways for your family to stay cool this summer. 

1. Go to a Nearby Mall/Library

Malls and public libraries have excellent air conditioning, and it will not cost you anything at all except perhaps a bus ride or some gas. You and your family can enjoy a day at the mall simply window-shopping or using any of its free offerings (there are always a few). However, if you enjoy reading, there is no better place than a nearby public library. Additionally, you will likely have access to a computer there as well. While not free, another great alternative is movie theaters. 

2. Dress Right

  • Always wear light fabrics like linens and cotton during summers, and make sure they are fitted loosely to maintain airflow. Moreover, lighter colors will repel heat, whereas darker colors will absorb heat; so, always wear light and bright colors. 

3. Eat Spicy Foods

  • It may sound completely insane but eating spicy foods helps induce sweat, which is your body’s natural way to keep you cool. Although, it is equally important to stay extra hydrated so drink plenty of water. 

4. Create Airflow Using Fans

While air conditioners are meant to cool rooms, fans are meant for cooling people. Still, you can use fans to create great airflow. If the temperature indoors is hotter than outdoors, use two fans and place them near windows.
One facing inside, and the other facing outside. This will help push your indoor heat out and pull outdoor cooling in. Eventually, it will help balance out your indoor temperature, and you and your family can cool off inside. 

5. Freeze Your Bedding

You don’t have to freeze all your bedding. However, if it is still hot at night, you can seal and refrigerate your bed sheets and pillowcases for a bit. An hour or two of dry cooling before sleeping will feel great when you and your family go to bed for the night. 

6. Use Air Conditioners Efficiently

Sometimes the heat is too much to handle, and you need your air conditioner. However, setting the temperature at 78 degrees instead of 72will help prevent higher energy bills. It will still keep your family very cool when it is 90-plus degrees outside. 


  • Summers are a great season for family time, and you shouldn’t let the heat spoil your season. Instead, follow these cheapest ways for your family to stay cool this summer and enjoy the season without losing your cool.