Three Underrated Fall Traditions

The season of fall, particularly in America, has an incredible allure that is somewhat tough to explain. It is loved as a time of transition, where the hot summer temperatures end and the landscape becomes full of bright and vivid colors. It is also a season of looking forward, as we anticipate the months ahead and being with our families for the holidays. In America, we have several incredible traditions that we associate with this time of year, and here are some of the best. 


To be honest, Oktoberfest isn’t exactly America, as it originated in Bavaria in 1810 and is more associated with Germany. That doesn’t stop Oktoberfest from being a staple of fall in many communities as it is celebrated regularly. The celebration spans from the end of September and into October and acts as a perfect way to welcome the new season with food, drinks, parades, and celebration of German heritage across America. 


While it is true that sports of some kind are played in America throughout the year, fall is the unquestioned best time of the year for sports. Football season begins in September, and fall weekends are filled with enthusiasm and passion for everyone’s favorite teams. Fall also marks the playing of the World Series, which is the oldest of any American major championship. It is safe to say that sports are just better in the fall. 

Haunted Houses

  • Halloween is great because it can be celebrated with a variety of interests in mind. It is perfect for people who want to party and have a good time, it is also perfect for families as kids dress up and trick or treat. There are also many people who want Halloween to bring them a legitimate scare, and what better way to achieve that than to visit a haunted house. Not only will visiting a good haunted house make your blood pressure spike and provide an incredible adrenaline rush, but they also
    tend to bring out the best in our creative sides for people who want to make
    their own renditions.