Top 3 Plans To Save You Money On Groceries

If you look at the spending of an average American family, you’ll see that food spending is one of the key budget busters. In fact, several American families literally eat through their income and knowingly spend more than they can afford on groceries or dining out.   One of the best and more effective ways to control this easily bloated budget category is to cook at home. Many easy, tasty, cheap meals require few ingredients and can be made at home in no time!   Read on to learn about our top three meal plans to save you money. Swapping a breakfast or lunch with one of these dirt-cheap meals is an extremely effective way to lower your food expenses. 

 Note: As cheap as these meals are, in reality, they are probably even less expensive than the prices you’re going to see here.  

Cheap Meal #1: Vegetables, Soy Sauce with Sticky Rice 

This meal is pretty simple and similar to what numerous students would have cooked during their college years. It’s simple, and finger-lickin’ good and very cheap! Use the ingredients below and whip up a delectable dish in minutes.
–         Frozen or canned vegetables: $1.19
–         Soy sauce: $1.99
–         2 cups of uncooked rice: $1
Total: $4.17 for six servings
Per serving price:70 cents
–         Take 2 cups of uncooked rice and steam it.
–         Dump a bag of frozen veggies or a can of vegetables) in a microwave-safe container and heat them.
–         Mix the steamed rice and vegetable with soy sauce (the amount depends on your taste)
And that’s it! You’re dirt-cheap, but yummy meal is ready! We agree that it’s not restaurant fancy, but the concoction is fairly easy, healthy, and pocket friendly.
Pro tip: whenever you order take-out next, save the extra soy sauce packed to make this meal even cheaper!

Cheap Meal #2: Black Bean and Egg Burritos 

If you are looking for a cheap but nutritious breakfast that you can easily eat on the go, look no further! This easy-peasy recipe for black bean and egg burritos is the answer to your pursuit. To make this burrito, all you need is:
–         A packet of 8 tortillas: $1.88
–         Carton of eggs:$1.99
–         Can of black beans:99 cents
Total: $4.86 for eight servings plus toppings
Per serving price:61 cents
–         Begin by heating some tortillas on a grill/griddle.
–         Take a dozen eggs and scramble with a little salt.
–         Heat the black beans on the stove top.
–         Once the eggs are ready, take a tortilla and assemble your breakfast burritos and include any extra toppings you might want.
–         Sour cream, shredded cheese, hot sauce, or salsa all work rather well. But this step is optional.
There you go! Your nutritious and pocket-friendly burritos are ready!
Pro tip: to save yourself from hectic weekend mornings, make them bulk and freeze them, just reheat whenever needed! 

Cheap Meal #3: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese 

Tomato soup and grilled cheese are some of the most nutritious, easy-and-cheap meals out there. If you feel like having a warm, homely meal, my friend, this one is for you! All you need is:
Ingredients (cannedsoup)
–         Sliced cheese: 50 cents
–         A loaf of bread:$1.99
–         Box of creamy tomato soup: $2.99
Total: $5.48 for four servings
Per serving price: $1.37
Ingredients (homemade soup)
–         Sliced cheese: 50 cents
–         A loaf of bread:$1.99
–         1 28-oz. can of crushed tomatoes: 99 cents
–         2 15-oz. cans of chicken or vegetable stock: $1.99
–         1 cup heavy cream:99 cents
–         Fresh basil leaves:$1.99 and free if you grow your herbs 
 Total: $8.45 for four servings
Per serving price:$2.11
–         For grilled cheese,butter four slices of bread and place them on a hot frying pan or griddle.
–         Add a slice of cheese on each and top with another buttered slice of bread.
–         Heat both sides until cheese melts, and the bread turns golden brown.
–         For the tomato soup,you can easily buy a canned one from any grocery store
–         If you feel like making it at home, follow the instructions of this quick and easy recipe for creamy tomato soap by Food Network. 

Goodbye Note

 If you were seeking meal plans to save you money on groceries, we hope our top three recipes helped! For more budget-friendly tips and tricks, head to the blog section of our website!