The Best Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Enjoy

The holiday season is all about the presents but sometimes you might be unsure if you’re getting something good that the gift-receiver will enjoy. One thing everyone enjoys is food so you can’t go wrong gifting food, or can you? These are some of the best holiday food gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones. 

The best food gifts are ones that are already preferred by the person receiving the gift but if you’re unsure of what they like, you can start by determining whether they would enjoy sweet or savory tastes. There are many people who would label their food preference between sweet and savory but a rare few enjoy both, making it easier to choose which food gift to send. 

One of the best gifts for someone with a sweet tooth is some of the best cookies from Honolulu Cookie Company with a selection of gourmet flavor cookies that can be ordered online or at one of their in-store retailers: Bloomingdales, Costco (select locations), and Tommy Bahama stores. The online shop offers a selection of products including holiday gifts, bestsellers, bulk cookies, party favors, gifts/occasions, corporate gifts, and corporate events.
Whether you’re getting some for a couple of your loved ones or getting a treat for your co-workers, these cookies will be a treat everyone will be sure to enjoy with a variety of deliciously unique flavors. The only downside of this gift is wanting more as they’re truly delicious and will leave you wanting more.
A sweet and healthy alternative to baked goods is a fruit with a gift basket or edible arrangement. The gift of fresh fruit can be used as ingredients for baked goods or a nice fruit salad for get-togethers. Edible arrangements are already prepped and are a beautiful accent piece for any food spread. 

One unique and edible gift that is more on the savory side is Wine Chips that are flavored with certain cheeses to compliment wine. These chips come in several flavors for a fun twist on pairing cheese with wine without having to worry about maintaining refrigerated cheese and can also be used for a charcuterie board.
Wine Chips are available in their online store and can also be found in-store at Williams Sonoma that also offers other savory treats for your loved ones. Another option is getting wine that pairs with the Wine Chips for a unique wine and cheese gift. 

  • Another savory gift for everyone to enjoy is a charcuterie board that you can buy pre-assembled or make yourself on a nice cutting/serving board the gift recipient can keep. You can buy a pre-assembled charcuterie board at your local grocery store or artisanal food market (with some offering a variety of sizes) or a kit to make your own at home that you can pre-assemble before gifting.
    There are also delivery services if you prefer but some don’t come fully assembled that you should double-check. The more cost-efficient option is preparing your own board that you can customize with the recipient’s favorite treats with a nice serving/cutting board that you can find affordable options at Home Goods.
    These are some of the many food options that you can give as a gift that will be enjoyed by all. Just make sure that all the food won’t expire too soon and plan to gift accordingly to ensure your gift will maintain freshness.